Banda Neira

Banda Naire's name may not be as famous as Ora Beach or Raja Ampat which became the paradise of East Indonesia. But, the charm of this place deserves to be aligned with other leading destinations. Banda Neira is a paradise for travelers because the complete package of tours is here. Starting from the natural beauty, historical tours, and of course cultural tourism.

Banda Neira is an archipelago located on the island of Banda, Maluku. Banda Neira has a clear blue sea water and green landscape hills are so spoil the eye. There are eleven islands that belong to the Banda Neira Islands region, such as Neira, Banda Besar, Ai, Rhun, Hatta, Sjahrir, Volcano, Nailaka, Manukang, Karaka and Batu Kapal. Even the beauty of Banda Neira has just been immortalized in one of the designs of this latest issue of December 2016.

Formerly in the 17th and 18th centuries, the island became a conquest of Dutch, British and Portuguese colonizers because it was rich in high-value spices of the day. In fact this place also became a place of exile of great figures homeland in the Dutch East Indies. Some of them are Tjipto Mangunkusumo, Iwa Kusuma Sumantri, Sutan Syahrir, and Mohammad Hatta. They were banished in these islands before Japan defeated the Dutch East Indies in World War II.


Snorkling and diving

The underwater scenery of Banda Neira was amazing. Of course diving or just snorkeling is a favorite activity here. A total of 41 spots are in this archipelago. Visitors can explore the beautiful Lava Flow, which is a spot with a stretch of coral reefs that meetings. As for the shallow dives visitors can go to the dock area of Neira Island whose position overlooks the island of Mount Api and Hatta Island.

Historical and cultural tours

Lots of historical traces owned by this city. Visitors can visit the Mini Palace and other Dutch buildings because this place used to be the defense base of VOC soldiers. Also do not forget to visit the Bung Hatta House of Exile and the Old Banda Church building.

Hike and Explore the Volcano

The Volcano Island is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago. Visitors can enjoy the island through climbing activities. The volcano has a height of 666 meters above sea level with a fairly friendly field, perfect for novice climbers though. Usually, visitors spend 1.5-2 hours from the Wharf until it reaches its peak. From the top of this mountain, visitors can see the ground plane.

Taste the Palas Jam

Incomplete if it is to Banda Neire without bringing home the souvenirs of nutmeg jam. Banda Neira's unique jam became one of the island's must-have listings. Banda Neira was once a trading center. Nutmeg seeds and mace became the most sought after commodity in the Banda Islands and became the source of spices at the time.

Witness the stout bastion of Belgica and Nassau

One of the recommended places when on holiday to Banda Neira is the Belgica fortress. This rectangular historic building stands firmly at an altitude of 30 meters above sea level. According to historical accounts, this fort was formerly the property of the Portuguese colonists who initially served as the center of defense then turned the function of a place to monitor the merchant traffic. The best time to visit this fortres is at dusk, scenery orange sun rose from the horizon will seem beautiful chime with views of the surrounding islands.

Beside the Belgica fort, visitors can also visit the Fort Nassau which is older than Belgica. Not only the whole castle is beautiful, but visitors can also see the ruins of fortress Hollandia on the island of Banda Besar.

Go to location

For a vacation to Banda Neira, visitors must first go to the city of Ambon. From Ambon, the journey continues with propelle plane for 50 minutes or can also use a fast boat with a travel time of five hours.

Nearby Hotels and Accommodations

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